The Role of Employment Services for Disabled People

All types of employment and support are provided by employment services for disabled people. It includes disabled people’s guidance, practical information, and support as they look for work. Part of the services included in employment services for disabled people is training and working with various employers to enable them to become inclusive disability employers.


Being disabled does not mean that choosing the right career path is out of the equation. The multiple benefits employment services for disabled people bring to the table include:


Job Hunting Process

The job hunting process is daunting to everyone. It is even more so for disabled people. Accessibility and support are needed by disabled people as they look for work. The task of assisting with the completion of job applications and making follow-ups on the applications submitted become a seamless process with help from employment services.

The accessibility of the recruitment process and the support provided by the employment services for disabled people make job hunting easier to navigate. Their Access to Work support allows them to negotiate in-work support and reasonable work adjustments.

In-work continuous training and progression are also part of the employment services package. Learning about employment rights and the offer of training workshops is also part of many employment services for disabled people.

In-work Support System

Being employed does not mean the end of the task of employment services. The success rate of the service is not only ensuring that disabled people get hired for the job, the pay, and the working hours they want. It also means that in-work support is given such as providing the worker with travel support, support workers, mentors, and job coaches.

The in-work support system ensures that the employed person keeps the job for a long time. The employment services will do everything possible for employees to make reasonable adjustments with their employers while on the job.

The support disabled people get from employment services ensure they stay happy and secure while working.

Direct On-the-job Training and Internships

Young disabled people typically have no job skills or formal training to speak of. The direct on-the-job training and internships provided by employment services enable them to acquire new skills and experience.

Access of employment services with top-of-the-line organisations such as hospitals, businesses, hotels, and other industries enables disabled people to gain on-the-job training. The on-the-job training eventually paves the way for employment.

The Follow-on Service

People registered under the on-the-job training and internships of employment services eventually graduate after a specified time. Graduates will not be at a loose end with a customised plan provided by the job tutors and coaches of the employment services.

The customised plan includes job carving, travel training, interview support, and training support. The follow-on service is part of the employment service to provide support and job preparation support for disabled people enrolled in the program.

Looking for work becomes a fast and easy process for people with disabilities when they opt to go for employment services for the disabled. Work requirements, processes, and adjustments become a seamless experience for disabled people with expert help from employment services for the disabled.


Two Important Parts of the Disability Employment Services


Employment services for disabled people consist of two parts, including:

  1. Employment Support Service is meant to help find work for people with a permanent disability.
  2. Disability Management Service is meant to assist people with health conditions, disabilities, or injuries to look for work.




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