State of Our Health

The Health Performance Council acknowledges the diverse Aboriginal peoples of South Australia and their participation in the life of South Australia. We acknowledge and respect their spiritual relationship with their respective country and we acknowledge them as the custodians of their country and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still important to them today.


State of Our Health is one way that we continue to advise the Minister for Health and Wellbeing on the performance of the health system in responding to the health priorities and emerging trends in health outcomes of South Australians.

State of Our Health is an authoritative source of intelligence on health status and health outcomes in the South Australian population. It reports on over 40 measures, grouped into five domains from the point of view of a person's key life stages.

Wherever possible, State of Our Health reports measures as time series, by SA Health local health network and by specific population groups—age and sex, socio-economic status, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons.

Chapters 1, 2 and 5 of the online version were updated in September 2019. Chapters 3 and 4 were updated in May 2020.


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Measures reported in State of Our Health

Chapter 1. Demographic profile of South Australia

1-0. Summary

1-1. Population

1-2. Demographic profile

1-3. Determinants of health


Chapter 2. Starting well and the early years

2-0. Summary

2-1. Fertility rate

2-2. Maternal age

2-3. Folate intake

2-4. Pregnancy outcomes

2-5. Birth rate

2-6. Low birthweight

2-7. Caesarean births

2-8. Congenital anomalies

2-9. Childhood developmental health checks

2-10. Childhood immunisation coverage

2-11. Childhood overweight and obesity


Chapter 3. Staying healthy and ageing well

3-0. Summary

3-1. Life expectancy

3-2. Health status

Protective factors of Staying Healthy and Ageing Well

3-3. Nutrition – Fruit intake

3-4. Nutrition – Vegetable intake

3-5. Physical activity (exercise)

Human function factors of Staying Healthy and Ageing Well

3-6. Disability

Risk factors of Staying Healthy and Ageing Well

3-7. Multiple risk factors

3-8. Alcohol risk

3-9. Overweight and Obesity

3-10. High blood pressure

3-11. High cholesterol

3-12. Smoking

3-13. Psychological distress (anxiety and depression)

3-14. Cancer

3-15. Illicit drug use


Chapter 4. Living with chronic conditions

4-0. Summary

4-1. Multiple chronic and long-term health conditions

4-2. Arthritis

4-3. Mental health

4-4. Asthma

4-5. Diabetes

4-6. Cardiovascular disease

4-7. Osteoporosis

4-8. COPD, bronchitis and emphysema

4-9. Back pain


Chapter 5. End of life

5-0. Summary

5-1. Death rate

5-2. Age at death

5-3. Perinatal deaths

5-4. Infant mortality

5-5. Leading causes of death