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We value effective community and stakeholder engagement as a fundamental aspect of performing our role. We consider evidence and ideas about the health system from individuals and organisations who impact, or can be impacted by, our analysis – namely the community (consumers, families, carers and the general public) and stakeholders (clinicians, health system managers, non-government organisations and research bodies). Some stakeholders we engage for their expertise in a particular area for our case studies.

We do not advocate or advise on behalf of any group.


Aboriginal Leaders’ Forums

Aboriginal Leaders’ Forums are our popular series of twice-yearly meetings of South Australia’s Aboriginal leaders who have an interest in health, wellbeing and population health research. We co-host these forums with the South Australian Health and Medical Institute’s (SAHMRI) Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit. The forums feature presentations by guest speakers, updates on progress of issues that impact on the health of Aboriginal people in South Australia, and resolution of future directions on research topics.

Latest forum

The eleventh Aboriginal Leaders’ Forum was held on Thursday 09 May 2019 at Tauondi College in Port Adelaide. This forum featured:

  • Institutional racism. A keynote presentation and discussion about measuring institutional racism, from guest speakers Dr Chris Bourke and A/Prof Adrian Marrie.
  • South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council. Dr Roger Thomas, Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, with an update on the future of the Council.
  • Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2019-2020. An update and discussion on progress.
  • Health governance reforms. Presented by guests from Country Health SA
  • Wardliparingga updates. The latest research activity at Forum co-hosts, Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit
  • Minister for Health and Wellbeing. Hon. Stephen Wade MLC joined the Forum for informal conversations.

Download the output report, including photos and review card feedback (PDF, 1,691 kB).

Download the forum’s presentations:


Previous forums

Output reports and supporting material from previous forums are provided for download below:


Regional Leaders' Forums


On 12 September 2018 we travelled to Berri and Renmark to talk to Riverland regional leaders and stakeholders firsthand about local health system issues and population health outcomes in their region. Output reports, including photos, from these meetings are available for download below:

Lower Eyre Peninsula

In February 2018, the Health Performance Council hosted its first regional health leaders' forum, welcoming a group of local leaders to a round-table discussion forum in Port Lincoln on the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

The output report from the forum can be downloaded via this link.


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Leaders' Forums

In June 2017, Health Performance Council hosted the second Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) Leaders' Forum, welcoming over 60 delegates to the one day meeting. The program included a keynote presentation by Mr Paris Aristotle, CEO of Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc (Foundation House), 2017 Victorian Australian of the Year and Officer of the Order of Australia and panel discussions featuring distinguished guest presenters on the topics of:

  • accessing quality patient-level data and using it to improve health outcomes and community wellbeing; and
  • bridging the gap between policy, practice and service models.

The output report from the forum can be downloaded via this link.

In 2016, HPC jointly hosted the first CALD Leaders' Forum with Multicultural Communities Council of SA that included stakeholder discussion of the HPC's 2015 Iolande Principe consultation paper Issues in Health Care in South Australia for People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds - A Scoping Study for the Heath Performance Council.


Data Access Workshop

On 16 March 2017, we, with SAHMRI's South Australian Academic Health Science and Translation Centre (SA Centre), co-hosted a workshop to explore issues with data access for health audit and research with academics, clinicians, consumers and policy makers from public and independent sectors in South Australia.

The workshop showcased South Australian public sector developments in clinical data system developments and data sharing, and advancing transparency in the health sector through data access and use to improve quality and safety of care.

The presentations and output report from the workshop are available for download below:


Country Health Advisory Councils (HACs) study

On 14 June 2017, HPC presented at the Combined Health Advisory Council Conference. The annual conference is organised by the country HAC Presiding Members Panel and provides country HAC members an opportunity to share their experiences and hear from other country HACs.

HPC presented the emerging findings from its revisit to the 2011 review of country HAC governance arrangements.

Our revisit review of country HAC governance arrangements was completed in September 2017. The final report is now available for download on our Reports page.


Events and talks


State of Our Health consultation project

In early 2016, we invited feedback on the new State of Our Health from the Minister’s Office, SA Health managers, HPC prescribed bodies and other key HPC stakeholders with an online survey, face-to-face meetings and an invitation to provide written submissions. These consultations revealed high levels of satisfaction. Feedback received is that you find State of Our Health well-structured, easy to use and understand and covers key health indicators of the South Australian population. The consultations also provided us with useful suggestions for areas where State of Our Health could further improve.

Please click here to view the output report from the State of Our Health consultation project.