Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Living with chronic conditions


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As Chapter 3 reveals, South Australians are enjoying greater longevity. The combination of changing lifestyle choices, improved disease treatment options and increased life expectancy is likely to increase the number of people living with chronic conditions in South Australia. However, not all South Australians with a chronic condition are older. Chronic conditions can also occur from birth or in childhood or can be acquired in early adulthood.

Chronic conditions are diseases with a long duration that usually require ongoing management and treatment over a period of years. They have an impact on individuals, families, communities and broader society. An individual living with a chronic condition can experience significant effects on his or her life, not only physically due to pain and fatigue, but also emotionally, psychologically, socially and economically. Families and communities can be impacted by the limitations caused by chronic disease due to increased caring demands and their emotional toll, as well as lost productivity. Chronic conditions also create a significant economic burden.

The chronic conditions covered in this chapter include both physical and mental health conditions, starting with an overview of the proportion of South Australians living with multiple chronic conditions. It then provides information about arthritis, mental health, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and chronic lung diseases. Back pain is also covered due to its significant impact on the health of South Australians in particular.


Chapter 4 table of contents

4-0. Summary

4-1. Multiple chronic and long-term health conditions

4-2. Arthritis

4-3. Mental health

4-4. Asthma

4-5. Diabetes

4-6. Cardiovascular disease

4-7. Osteoporosis

4-8. COPD, bronchitis and emphysema

4-9. Back pain