The demographic profile of South Australia


In summary

  • The population of South Australia is just above 1.7 million people, which represents about one in 14 (6.9%) of the total Australian population (24.6 million people).
  • Over ten years, South Australia's population has grown at an average 0.9% per year. Net overseas migration and natural increase has offset negative net interstate migration.
  • The Aboriginal population of South Australia is 34,185 people, representing 2.0% of the state population.
  • Nearly a third of South Australia's population live outside of metropolitan Adelaide.
  • Over the last decade most of the population growth in South Australia has occurred in the Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network.
  • South Australia has a relatively older population when compared nationally.
  • Almost a quarter (24.4%) of South Australians were born overseas, and 15.2% of South Australians were born in predominantly non-English speaking countries.
  • Around one in six (17.4%) South Australians speak a language other than English at home, including 2.2% who cannot speak English well, or cannot speak English at all.
  • Over one in seven (14.7%) of the state's population are carers, and around a quarter of those are primary carers.
  • Selected median income measures for South Australia are below those for Australia as a whole. Income measures for Aboriginal people/households in South Australia are significantly below the state and national benchmarks.
  • The economic and social conditions of people and households within this state are below the national average.
  • More than half (53.4%) of persons aged 15 years and over who are no longer attending primary or secondary school have completed Year 12 or equivalent as their highest year of school attainment, and around a third (32.2%) of Aboriginal people in South Australia aged 15 years and over have done so.
  • Under half (44.4%) of the South Australian population are insured with private hospital treatment cover. This is slightly above the national average of 44.2%. There is a greater proportion (58.9%) of South Australians with private general treatment (i.e. ancillary) cover, and this is higher than the national average of 53.2%.
  • Average out-of-pocket payment for medical services (where an out-of-pocket payment was payable) is $69.35 in South Australia. This is below the national average of $151.44.