Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Demographic profile of South Australians


Chapter 1 table of contents


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Understanding the health status of South Australians requires a knowledge of different characteristics of our communities and what drives their health and wellbeing. Personal and community health status is widely recognised to be linked to social and economic capital. Differences in a range of factors including income, employment, education, housing, and social environment can produce inequalities in health outcomes.

Not all of these factors can be presented here, however, or the State of Our Health would be enormous. This chapter provides only the briefest of summaries of some key selected South Australian demographic data. The aim is to ground the reader with basic population information that will provide some helpful context to the health chapters that follow.


Chapter 1 table of contents

1-0. Summary

1-1. Population

1-2. Demographic profile

1-3. Determinants of health