Health Care Act

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What we review

Under the Health Care Act 2008, we must, on a 4-yearly basis, furnish to the Minister and table in parliament a report that assesses the health of South Australians and changes in health outcomes over the reporting period, including the public and private sectors. We assess the health system's performance in terms of it being effective, safe, responsive, accessible, efficient and sustainable in its provision of high quality care to the South Australian community compared against national and international benchmarks. Our reviews identify:

  • aspects of the health system that are working well, those that are improving, and those that could be improved or present challenges
  • significant trends in health outcomes for South Australians, including particular population groups
  • priorities in the operation of the South Australian health system, including its engagement with individuals and communities
  • any other relevant, significant issues related to the South Australian public and private health systems.

We have completed two major reviews for the periods 2008-2010 and 2011-2014. We are now into our third review for 2015-2018.


2015-18 review

Our 4-Yearly Review (2015-18) program outline was developed with input from our stakeholders and includes key system performance inputs that we will access and the seven review topics we will tackle up until 2018. The foundation of the HPC 4-Yearly Review is analysing system performance input from:

  • HPC's State of Our Health, released in April 2016 and now on a regular update cycle as datasets become available
  • SA Health's annual update report in response to agreed recommendations in the HPC's 4-Yearly Review What's Working, What's Not (2011-2014).

The seven review topics that HPC will progress in 2015-18 are:

  1. Monitoring SA Health's implementation of Transforming Health
  2. Aboriginal Health Case Study working with the Aboriginal Leaders' Forum
  3. Culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) health outcomes audit
  4. Revisit of our 2011 Review of Country Health Advisory Councils' (HACs) Governance Arrangements, including a review of Country Health SA Local Health Network's Aboriginal Community and Consumer Engagement Strategy
  5. Revisit our 2013 End of Life Care Case Study
  6. Scope an approach to monitor health outcomes for people with mental health and addiction issues.
  7. Evaluate variation in potentially preventable hospital admissions by location.

The HPC 4-Yearly Review (2015-2018) will report the key dimensions of health system performance from a state-wide population perspective. It will take into account the strategic objectives that have been set or adopted within the Government's health portfolios and monitor inequalities of access and outcomes in specific population groups using analysis of demographic, health services utilisation and health outcomes data.


2011-2014 review

What’s Working, What’s Not is our second, and latest report. It reviews the performance of the South Australian health system over the period 2011-2014. To read a short overview of this report, please click here.

In 2015, SA Health tabled its formal response to our review and has subsequently provided two annual updates:

  1. 2017 annual update (2016 data)
  2. 2018 annual update (2017 data).


2008-2010 review

Reflecting on Results was our inaugural report, reviewing the performance of the South Australian public health system over the period 2008-2010.