Health Care Act

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About Us


HPC's purpose

We are a statutory body established under the Health Care Act 2008 to provide expert advice to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing on:

  • the performance of the health system
  • health outcomes for South Australians, including specific population groups
  • the effectiveness of community and individual engagement.

You can download our Terms of Reference here (PDF) and our Working Framework here (PDF).


HPC's vision

South Australia (SA) has a safe, high quality, integrated health system with appropriate community
engagement that contributes to optimal health outcomes for South Australians. Our vision is for SA to be recognised as having an independent and evidence based appraisal of its health system that contributes to improving the health status of South Australians consistent with government objectives:

  • SA's Strategic Plan Targets - T78: Healthy South Australians; T79 Aboriginal healthy life expectancy; T6 Aboriginal wellbeing; T26: Aboriginal early childhood - birth weight; T53: Aboriginal employees; T80 Smoking; T81 Alcohol consumption; T82 Healthy weight; T84 Health service standard; T85: Chronic disease; T86 Psychological wellbeing
  • SA Government's 7 Strategic Priorities, in particular: Safe Communities; Healthy Neighbourhoods
  • SA Government's 10 Economic Priorities, in particular: A global leader in health research and ageing.


HPC's intention

We evaluate and report on the overall performance of the SA health system in relation to:

  • strategic objectives that have been set or adopted within Government's health portfolios
  • international, national and state health system performance standards and benchmarks
  • significant trends, health outcomes and future priorities of the health system
  • the latest research on best practice models of health care services including for specific population groups
  • community and individual engagement strategies and outcomes.


HPC's responsibilities

Our responsibilities under the Health Care Act 2008 (the Act) are:

  1. Provide advice to the Minister about:
    • the operation of the health system
    • health outcomes for South Australians and, as appropriate, for particular population groups
    • the effectiveness of methods used within the health system to engage communities andindividuals in improving their health outcomes.
  2. Provide reports to the Minister in accordance with the requirements of the Act.
  3. Provide advice to the Minister about any matter referred to it by the Minister or any matter it sees fit to advise the Minister about in connection with its responsibilities under the Act; and such other functions assigned to HPC under this or any other Act, or assigned to HPC by the Minister.
  4. In the performance of its functions, will take into account the strategic objectives that have been set or adopted within the Government's health portfolios.
  5. In providing any advice with respect to the provision of any health services (including proposed services), take into account:
    • the net benefit provided by the services, the cost effectiveness of services, and available resources
    • the net impact that the adoption of the advice would have on other services, or on the community more generally
    • the value placed on any relevant services by members of the public who use those services.
  6. As required, request the Chief Executive to provide it with specified information in order to assist it in the performance of its functions.
  7. Adhere to the conditions the Chief Executive may impose in relation to the receipt, use or disclosure of information provided under subsection (7) of the Act.

HPC will, on a 4-yearly basis, furnish to the Minister a report that assesses the health of South Australians and changes in health outcomes over the reporting period.

The report will:

  • identify significant trends in the health status of South Australians and consider future priorities for the health system having regard to trends in health outcomes, including trends that relate to particular illnesses or population groups
  • review the performance of the various health systems established within the State in achieving the objects of the Act
  • identify any other significant issues considered relevant by HPC; and conform with any requirements of the Minister as to the form of the report and other matters to be addressed by the report.


HPC's prescribed bodies

We consult with the following bodies prescribed in the Health Care (HPC – Appointment of Members) Regulations 2008:

  • Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Inc (AHCSA)
  • Australian Medical Association (South Australia) Incorporated
  • Carers SA
  • Defence Communities Association previously Consultative Council of Ex-Service Organisations (SA)
  • Council on the Ageing (South Australia) Incorporated
  • Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia Incorporated
  • Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia Incorporated
  • Regional Communities Consultative Council (SA)
  • Rural Doctors Association of South Australia Incorporated
  • General Practice SA Incorporated
  • The Flinders University of South Australia
  • The Returned & Services League of Australia (S.A. Branch) Incorporated
  • The South Australian Country Women's Association Incorporated
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Volunteering SA and NT Incorporated


Independent review of HPC

With our first term of membership concluding on 25 June 2012, the Minister for Health and Ageing commissioned Mr Warren McCann, internal Consultant from the Office of Public Employment and Review, to independently review our membership structure. The review was completed in January 2012 and Mr McCann submitted his report to the Minister on 31 January 2012.

The findings and recommendations put forward were endorsed by the Minister and subsequently formed the selection process for appointing members in our second and third terms (2012-2016 and 2016-2020).